Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2009-10-27 | 20:44:37

Cvetan, still alive? Seems the winds are not on par with the VR site? Or will that change with the 20h update?


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Post by iconPost by danfil | 2009-10-27 | 21:00:13
there is one hour difference due to time adjustment in france its now 1 hour less since last sunday
Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2009-10-27 | 21:17:44
winds on the chart are ok now but heading an advised course of 172 againsty a 3.8 knt 171 wind and reaching 6.3 knts??
Post by iconPost by Fido__ | 2009-10-27 | 21:25:45
I have the same :-(
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-10-27 | 21:25:26
Switching the daylight saving time off and leaving the wind update times at the same local time changes the program logic somehow. It will get in sync in day or two, but use with care in the meantime.
Post by iconPost by BennyLava | 2009-10-27 | 22:03:40
cheers mate, but maybe a little sooner ;)
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-10-27 | 22:15:23
I'd fix that yesterday, but was not sure if the official game times will remain the same or will be updated. I'm still not sure - only thing that will convince me is when the game interface replaces GMT+2 with GMT+1, but I doubt that will happen before Christmas ;)
Post by iconPost by danfil | 2009-10-28 | 10:31:03
Hi Cvetan,

Just sent a small donation, thanks again for your good work.

Post by iconPost by aididit | 2009-10-30 | 00:55:31
Hi Cvetan!!
Hi I'm in the Clipper L3 on aididit2 but when I enter the boat name nothing happens.... am I missing something?
Maybe this is already answered but I haven't read all posts... :P
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-10-30 | 01:00:05
ManyPlayers have banned access to their database a while ago. There is a lot of discussion in the game forum (mostly in french, as is the original announcement). You can still enter your position manually by shift-clicking.
Post by iconPost by aididit | 2009-10-31 | 02:14:47
Thanks a lot I'll try that (btw I never banned anything... ??)
Post by iconPost by Sailkap | 2009-11-06 | 23:48:05
You didn´t; manyplayers is the company managing the site youre gaming
Post by iconPost by nicopsy | 2009-11-07 | 01:45:24
Nothing to say. You are the best !!! and thank's

Post by iconPost by bronze13 | 2009-11-08 | 18:47:47
I have less than 3 days to go for Cape Town. Why do I still get completely different routes for 3/5/7 days ahead? Where is the difference?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-08 | 20:00:32
1. The simulation step. This leads to slightly different accumulated errors.

2. The finish distance. This leads to somehow different target point for the different routes.
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