Post by iconPost by llamedos | 2009-11-23 | 20:24:06

Hi Cvetan,

Just wondering why you have put the Kerguelen gate on the clipper chart as VR make no reference to a gate or am I missing something?

Thanks for the great program, will be donating again.

Regards llamedos

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Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-23 | 20:38:20
There is reference in the game data file, but the gate is hidden. I don't know if they have misplaced it.

<checkpoint latitude="-44.402392" longitude="69.609375" orientation="90" indicateur="true" visible="false" id_group="1" name="Iles Kerguelen" />
Post by iconPost by llamedos | 2009-11-23 | 22:37:08
Thanks for the reply,all we have to do now is guess wether they are going to make it visible and use it or do we make for Geraldton. Wouldn't be the first time they had put a mark in after the start.

Post by iconPost by BigHorn | 2009-11-24 | 15:39:02
Hi zezo (or Cvetan) (and all), this mark was changed a few hours ago in the game data file.
Be aware that the polars were changed too. Now, the jib is not as good as the spinnaker with rear winds. It would be great if you could update your polars too.
Ricoo (as BigHorn).
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2009-11-24 | 16:52:06
Thanks. I've updated the gate position and will take a look at the polars.
Post by iconPost by BigHorn | 2009-11-24 | 19:30:29
Thanks a lot, I didn't check everything, but I think it's ok now: your charts now propose the spi again.
Post by iconPost by K2_2266 | 2009-11-25 | 09:15:49
Didn't it say in the sailing instructions to leave the Kerguelen to starboard?
They will put up the mark when we are approaching within the next 90 hours.

Greets, Dirk
Post by iconPost by Sailkap | 2009-11-25 | 18:36:59
The mark is there and has been so for a while....
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