Post by iconPost by Pingi RIP | 2017-12-09 | 10:58:49

Yesterdays APP update caused some trouble for me with grounding my boat.
I used the APP just after the update which couldn´t be done by updating - only by deleting the APP and new istallation.
After the new installation i opened the game for clipper and manouvering my boat around some islands. In the moment of opening my boat was very close to a little rock which was completely covered by my boat, but the course line displayed no grounding. Nearly 1 hour later, passing other rocks with my boat to bring it to a save course for the next hours i clossed the clipper luckily by the home button to check position in RORC.
At the regatta menu I´ve got the warning that my boat was run aground. Opening the clipper again my boat was displayed grounding at the first rock.
Trying to go away from this rock my boat was set back to the grounding position every minute. I had to close the clipper again and to open it new to get the correct boat position.
It seems that the APP don´t use the correct boat position and makes its own calculation to minimize data transfer.
Dangerous in critical situation with sailing near coasts and rocks....

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Post by iconPost by Ursus Maritimus | 2017-12-09 | 11:44:35
that's the stupid concept of the client (=app) showing stuff the server don't know about.

and the clietn (=app) not giving the aground-warning when you're in the race itself, but only on the main screen.

same problem for the web-app

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