Post by iconPost by tyghfg | 2019-02-28 | 11:15:24

Hey, after 12 cet weather update the difference in twd between zezo and vrserver is ok 30degrees. Any ideas what's going on?

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Post by iconPost by Swedeville | 2019-02-28 | 13:27:10
VR is completely broken for this race it seems. No boats are moving on my screen, but mine. My position ranking is frozen as well. Also the boat cannot hold a course at all. You set a course, wait for it to be accepted only to log off and back on 5 min. later to see that you're going in the wrong direction. Even turned off TWA, set a course, checked it after 2 min. and it was working. Five minutes later, TWA was turned on by itself and my course had changed.
Post by iconPost by Badseed | 2019-02-28 | 13:31:34
Same thing for me :((

Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-28 | 13:57:06
Yep, set TWA to 36, log out - in, TWA 41 ???
In the 2018 edition we had the incorrect speed info, now this.

Reloading VR in Chrome doesnt fix it

Similar problems in JV

Post by iconPost by Ross2105 | 2019-02-28 | 14:29:03
Same problems for me. There is no correct changing in TWA, and no update of opponents positionn. Bad working today.
Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-28 | 14:45:09
Only fair solution: restart in a few days, reset options bought with credits, and return credits
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-02-28 | 14:45:30
Wow. I'm glad I decided to skip this race due to its 4 AM start time. Sounds like they should do a re-start or something. This is the first time I've heard of a mess this bad in a year or more. This kind of mess used to be common, but has been rare lately.
Post by iconPost by etrille17 | 2019-02-28 | 15:02:14
ce n'est pas un grand nombre de joueurs qui bloque le systeme.Probablement une panne du serveur.J'espere que la course sera annulée.
Post by iconPost by Tinman | 2019-02-28 | 15:08:53
Well this race is a bit of a screw up. Following waypoints and it sends me back 4 miles on a completely different course. Was doing well as well. They have to cancel and refund this one.
Post by iconPost by DancingBrave | 2019-02-28 | 15:12:29
"set TWA to 36, log out - in, TWA 41 "
Similarly early on, I logged in to find I was at TWA 41 after setting 36 or 37. Assumed I had somehow mixed up heading / twa when setting course until I just saw VR has now 'auto- tacked' me :(

Dashboard log:

Note the planned tack at 15.42, which is showing as expected at 15.44 update. Then magically tacked back by the 15.50 update
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2019-02-28 | 15:16:22
Same to me exactly.
Whatever I tell it (fixing HDG 036 or TWA 035), it keeps resetting my choice and impose me a HDG 041 (which fucks my wind angle to 30°).

Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-02-28 | 15:14:55
It's impacting Jules Verne too, but I'm not sure what the impact is... The boat seems to be moving, but it isn't clear whether or not it's moving correctly. I am unable to alter course... it acknowledges the change, but if I then exit and return, it reverts. I sure hope they fix this before it blows 4 weeks of effort. I should be coming up a bit now, but will be ok delaying a little while... an hour or two from now, it'll really start to hurt a lot.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 16:31:59
since the new interface we only face bugs and misfunctions that usualy destroy whatever achieved through sleepless nights. From my experience in other games the level of tecnology in our days is unreal. I wonder when they will decide to hire a real pro teem to make this game reliable. I dont know what to say. I am very disapointed.
Does anyone knows if we should keep up with this regatta or give it up? As I can not see or chat with anyone I dont kinow what the rest of sailors did
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-02-28 | 16:45:26
It's after 5 PM in Paris... I wonder if they're still working on it, or if they've gone home and will figure it out tomorrow.

Honestly... I think the game has been very stable for the last several months. It was terribly unstable for a long time, but it has been quite good for several months, and they even resolved a lot of the bugs that were major problems in the past. I guess they were due for a major debacle.
Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-28 | 16:59:16
Tacked to port, was at 36 stbd, in ali baba and the 40 french robbers race, had a look at JV, went back to gulf, guess what, 41 stbd.

Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 16:59:49
Well, I am probably ..unlucky. It seams the game became stable when I left and has lost its stability by my comeback

Post by iconPost by k1w1 | 2019-02-28 | 17:06:00
Well we need someone to blame. 😆😜😃
Post by iconPost by alulo | 2019-02-28 | 17:13:28
il ne faut pas faire plusieurs courses à la fois
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 17:11:26
I cant believe they will stop working on it and see to it tomorrow and leave all the ppl wondering what to do. Wait to see an improvement or go to sleep as well. They must at least announce something.
Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-28 | 17:13:05
Haha, I have 3 boats in Gulf, and 3 in JV (don't ask me why). One of the JV boats works fine, that is, I can change course without it reverting to whatever.
Post by iconPost by k1w1 | 2019-02-28 | 17:17:21
They must have tripped over the power cord counting their money!!!
Post by iconPost by DancingBrave | 2019-02-28 | 17:18:54
Have tried to tack numerous times over the last few hours - no joy, the changes aren't sticking. Now ny course changes on JV aren't sticking either; I was ranked 34th past the Horn so will be most p#ssed off if JV stays broken...

Just tried signing in on Firefox rather than usual browser Chrome - VR refuses to recognise my email/password combo!

Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-28 | 17:23:44
And why 41, the answer to life, the universe and everything is 42

Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 17:27:27
and here the When they blocked all functionalities they made an announcement with the title .."Warning" which said: "Due to a great amount of players, some ...functionalities have been temporarily deactivated." So guys it is clear what has happened. It is just too many players lol and from that ..warning the conclusion is to wait, as all is fine and only temporarely we lost all functionalities. I hope it is so, but I doubt.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 17:35:40
the only decent thing they should do as things are now, is to call it off and start it all over again to a new date or just call it OFF!! There is nothing to do with too many ppl participating. Nothing works the last couple of hours and so what kind of a race that could be if they keep it up??

Post by iconPost by elwin | 2019-02-28 | 17:50:34
Too many people? Crap!!! Last year we sometimes had 3 or 4 races in parallel, VOR and Clipper legs each with 40000+ participants, a short race (South china, Carib 600, ....) and final stages of some transat race.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 18:40:44
I know this is why I said that this is the best. They probably think the newcommers or ppl they do not play regulary or who else couldever believe that?
Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA2105 | 2019-02-28 | 18:39:59
CRAZY Dubai-Muscat!! I had well programmed, I was watching minute by minute, I was waiting for a tacking 10 min. later and ... surprise, at tacking time I'm aground!! VR took a command of 3 hrs before. And now 20 min later I'm still stuck! I believe this race is distorted and they have to cancel or restart. What is your opinion?
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-02-28 | 19:45:35
youre right.I also said that, but from what I know VR does not care what the costumers believe or think. Game is back, looks like is repared. Click to other yachts to see the print is left from the route they took while game was stuck. Ofc the same did yr yacht lol lol lol. You will see what crazy regatta means
Post by iconPost by Swedeville | 2019-02-28 | 18:49:18
Yeah, only other reason I could think of is that the "too many players" mode is just a way for them to shutdown some of the functionality either in hopes of it solving the problem or for troubleshooting the issue. It's clearly not because there are too many people playing. Oh, well. I've completely given up on this race. Better get my credits back.
Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA2105 | 2019-02-28 | 20:45:27
I agree with you. Beyond the credits or money, I don't like to loose 22000 positions because of their fault. So they should at least give the possibility, for those who wanted it, to leave the race and go back to own previous situation before starting in Dubai-Muscat, both for the ranking and for the credits.
It would be right and fair reparation.

Post by iconPost by mrk74 | 2019-02-28 | 20:53:59
Ross_ITA2105, i agree with you!

Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA2105 | 2019-02-28 | 21:04:23
Cvetan, please, what do you think about my opinion, would it technically possible?
Post by iconPost by YourMomSA | 2019-02-28 | 21:25:38
Keep in mind that Cvetan doesn't work for VR and doesn't even have a relationship with them. As far as I can tell, even though he's an asset to their game, they seem to dislike him. So while he might have a little insight into what is possible for them to do, he won't know exactly what can or can't be done with their programming, and he won't have any influence over their decisions.
Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA2105 | 2019-02-28 | 23:31:13
Thanks YourMom for your info. I asked a Cvetan's opinion just because I haven't enough technical competence, but I understood the matter is more complicated that what appears. VR, in their news, told us that tomorrow they will study a kind of "compensation". I don't know what they will produce during the night, but - as in real life - it is very difficult to give a time compensation. In this race I lost about 4 hrs., but how can I prove it? I have some screenshots too, but there isn't a Race Commitee to address a complaint.
For sure I don't like to go backward into the ranking, even considering the effort this game requires.
These are the reasons I would ask a breakeven withdrawal for.
We just need more sharing to let our voice arrive to VR organization.
Post by iconPost by SkalaFirst305 | 2019-02-28 | 21:06:14
Ross_ITA2105, i agree with you!

It's a good idea to restart the game or to cancel it.
Post by iconPost by Ross_ITA2105 | 2019-02-28 | 21:38:16
I don't mean "restart or cancel the race", I just suggest to have the possibility to abandon individually the race, for those that have been demaged by VR accident.
Post by iconPost by Bewa | 2019-03-01 | 00:14:58
well ppl we must admit that they did the job. They worked late night -ofc is their job and they did it-and game is on again and an anouncement is telling ppl whatever is to be said in situations like that and tomorrow we will know more. I'm ..good
Post by iconPost by Swedeville | 2019-03-01 | 13:00:51
Ha, per VR: "In spirit of fairness, the classification of this race will not be taken into account in your class VSR, but a new edition will be proposed to you in the weeks to come."

I guess, what they really mean is, "In the spirit of fairness, we have decided to keep the money and credits you spent and make sure this race doesn't count against you."
Post by iconPost by Tinman | 2019-03-02 | 10:22:16
Could not agree more. I donot know how they have the cheek to keep the credits, they should refund them.
Post by iconPost by DonJuan21 | 2019-03-01 | 15:10:12
What is the message someone has figured out how to fix into the zezo map in the Dubia race? Zoom out. XOHQA?

Post by iconPost by Tinman | 2019-03-04 | 15:34:15
Bravo to the winner, says Virtual Regatta, not a word about the race debacle.
Post by iconPost by etrille17 | 2019-03-04 | 17:15:42
Pas de classement VR mais un vainqueur?C'est se moquer des joueurs?
Post by iconPost by Lasse | 2019-03-13 | 19:31:56
I bought full pack for the ”failed” race. I thought that I would get full pack for free now but no...
Post by iconPost by toxcct | 2019-03-13 | 19:47:38
Yeah, VR is too f*cking greedy :(

Post by iconPost by tyghfg | 2019-03-14 | 10:01:38
that's why you should stop buying it ;P
Post by iconPost by patmaillou94 | 2019-03-18 | 10:26:58
hello cvetan will you put the race on zezo?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2019-03-18 | 16:16:57
It's been there all the time, just missing the link.

VR should have offered free full packs to everyone, though.
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