Post by iconPost by ug_orf | 2015-04-23 | 21:04:28

Hi, noob player here!

taken of the Q&A:
Q: When is the forecast updated?
A: At the times the GFS model comes out: 05:00, 11:00, 17:00, 23:00 UTC.

if this is so, the 1st route at 08:00/20:00 CET should be the best, because the VR keeps the same chart for 12h, correct?
i mean, instead of refreshing the route at 05:00, 11:00, 17:00, 23:00 UTC, it is best to stick with the route given at 08/12:00 CET, because, to the best of my knowledge, the VR wind will only update to the 05:00, 17:00 UTC winds.

best regards and keep up the zezo!


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Post by iconPost by lotsemann | 2015-04-24 | 04:14:51
Not necessarily. The intermediate update may offer an alternative that was not available at the time of the weather update. It happened during Leg 3, for example -- and Sirene du Zephyr went for it.
Post by iconPost by ug_orf | 2015-04-24 | 11:50:15
Yes, i see your point.
My question is: that is only valid in the long run, not for the current wind chart in VR, correct?
For the current chart, the best route is the 1st at 08:00 CET.
The game uses the same chart until 20:00 CET, the zezo updates it.
That is my question...
Post by iconPost by ug_orf | 2015-04-24 | 15:37:58
or does zezo keeps the 07:00 to 19:00UTC chart and changes the rout according to the forecast updates? (at 05:00 etc UTC)
that would be more logical...
is that how zezo works?
Post by iconPost by zezo | 2015-04-24 | 16:00:05
The current weather, up to the next weather change should always match the game.

The newest weather data is always used for the routing past that point. Which may or (most of the time) may not be the same data as in the game.
Post by iconPost by ug_orf | 2015-04-24 | 16:19:35
Got it.
Sorry for the noob questions...
Zezo is quite a tool, congratulations!
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